If your child is contemplating taking a Scholarship within the next 12 months, now is the time to start preparation!

In the 'Scholars Programs' we help students prepare for exams for entry into both private and public schools. We suggest that students maximise their skill levels prior to their scholarship year, then, approximately nine months before taking the exams, participate in a dedicated Scholars Program. 

Generally, Scholarship Exams cover Maths Word Problems, Comprehension (often under the guise of Humanities or Science), General Ability (usually grammar, vocabulary and spelling) and sometimes a written component. It's advisable to check the website of the schools in which you are interested to discover the examining body they employ and the date for Applications. Companies such as ACER have trial exams for purchase. These give a clearer idea of the skills required and are best used close to the exam date. Very high scores on all components are required.

We run Scholar Programs during our Holiday Programs, on Saturdays alternating between Glen Waverley and Clifton Hill and on Mondays at Greythorn.

EMAIL: Millicent @ key-strokes@bigpond.com

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