In our Term Programs, we have students from both Primary and Secondary years.

We cover Language and Mathematics. There is not set curriculum as we rarely run classes on specific topics. Rather we work individually or in small groups depending on current competencies and needs. There are no formal assessments.

Children do not need to attend the school at which the classes are held and we provide an opportunity for students to socialise and to learn at their preferred rate. Approximately half-way through the session, we have a toilet break and take some time outside. Most students usually have a small snack and a drink at this time. Towards the end of the session, students have a short time when they can socialise around our games/activities.

We are happy for anyone to visit one of our Venues (without children) to view first hand just how we operate. Dates and Venue addresses are on this website and no appointment is required.

If you would like to take a trial (1 Saturday or 2 weekdays) it is $50 per child (no parents) and this is deducted from that term's fees (can be pro rata) if the student continues.

Math Exercises